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Major Benefits of Using Virtual Private Hosting or VPS over Shared Hosting

2016-03-24, Written by 0 comment

Major Benefits of Using Virtual Private Hosting or VPS over Shared Hosting

Over the past many years, VPS or virtual private hosting has become quite a popular choice among website owners. With the virtual technologies looking for better functionality and performance, it is only expected that this will continue. There are a number of reasons why organizations choose VPS to host their website of application and some of the top ones are –

  • With shared web hosting companies selling servers and piling on thousands of customers, their reliability of their services is reduced. This means that the performance of your website can be impacted by other website on the same server as you. If you do not want to take such a risk, VPS is your best option.
  • Using VPS package allows you to have total control on your website environment. If you want to install a custom software package, you will not have to wait for the permission from hosting provider to do it.
  • For people who have just started a website with the hope of growing traffic to it, being able to scale the hosting resources is very important. When you are using VPS hosting account, you have the opportunity to allocate more and less resource to it when needed.
  • Compared to the last decade, VPS hosting accounts are less expensive than what they were before. With advancement in technologies, the prices will only decrease and can be an option for many – even when you are just starting out with a new website.

Once you pick a VPS account for your website, chances are that you will not look back. It is important to choose a reliable provider that allows easy management of the account and offer upgrading and scaling solutions when required.


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