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Tips to Help you Manage Your Unmanaged Dedicated Server and Maintain Its Health

2016-03-25, Written by 0 comment

People looking for greater flexibility and reliability should avoid shared hosting plans and opt for dedicated server. They allow greater access to system resources like higher memory capacity, multiple hardware components and more CPU power. The greatest advantage of using such as server is that it allows the administrators greater access to performance and system functionality.

When it comes to the management of your dedicated server, you need to make sure that the server software is up-to-date and do not have any security issues. Some of the top ways you can prevent any potential damage are –

  • It is important that your server be back up in preparation for the worst scenario happening. Before you make any major change to your application, you need to create a backup. You also need to carry out regular backup maintenance depending on how often you change your content.
  • It is important to keep all the services and software up-to-date to avoid making your server vulnerable to problems. It is important to check all services and use the latest stable version available with your provider.
  • For good security, you need to use strong passwords. You might want to use something that you can easily remember, but it will only leave your server open to potential threats. It is best to use a combination of upper case and lower case letters along with any numbers and special characters. You should also change the passwords every other week or once a month.
  • Even though servers that are not used for web browsing your emails are less vulnerable to viruses, you need to ensure that your server is well protected from these potential threats. You should scan all content with an anti-virus before they are uploaded to your website.

Using these useful and powerful tips, you can easily enhance the performance and reliability of your dedicated server.


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