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Web Hosting Consumer Guide – Things You Need to Know

2016-04-07, Written by 0 comment

To create a strong foundation for your website, your brand and your business, you need to ensure that your website is in good hands. Continuous server downtime can seriously hurt everything that you have tried to build over the years.

Here are some important things to know that can help you make smarter choice when it comes to getting your web hosting account –

  • 1# Don’t fall for the ‘Free Domain’ gimmick – While a free domain may sound nice, there are some hidden rules to it. Many companies will offer you free domain, but will not pass over the ownership to you. Other companies might give you the first year free, but they will charge more than $19.95 and extra renewal cost that is like over 200% of what an average domain may cost you.
  • 2# Always read the bandwidth and disk space terms carefully – Many people ignore the bandwidth and disk space when shopping for web hosting. You need to think about the future and ask yourself if you will be required to pay huge amount of money for data transfer in case your website starts to draw millions of visitors in the coming years.
  • 3# Understand the unlimited storage catch – Many people are blinded by the unlimited storage services that many companies offer, but do you know exactly what it means? Most web hosting service will have a TOS that we often ignore. Here, there is a section that mentions CPU/Server Usage that says that if your website uses more than a certain amount of storage; your account can be terminated for violation of TOS.

You should avoid long term contacts with any web hosting company unless you are sure about its reputation and its services. You do not want to be stuck with a company just because you paid for two years of its services up-front.


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